Someone 18d 7h
No methodology has yet learned to account for all individual factors. Which ones?
Someone 2d 10h
I would like to emphasize that the result obtained by taking an intelligence test is not an absolutely objective assessment of a person's mental abilities.
Think of the famous autistic genius Kim Pick, whose IQ was only 87 points. At the same time, he could read from the age of 1.5 and already at 7 knew the Bible by heart, invented the technique of rapid reading and could get through a book spread in 8 seconds.
We should not think that intelligence tests decide our future. But if you still want to check your IQ level, I advise you to take this test
Someone 2d 7h
I've been addicted to these tests for a long time. I took them all the time and was afraid if my score was lower than the one I came up with. But I was able to let go of the problem and realize that these tests are not the main indicator of our intelligence